Let It Rock!
26th – 28th May 2023Crowne Plaza Hotel, Glasgow

Fan Guest of Honour: Cuddles

Michelle "Cuddles" Drayton-Harrold is a well-known Glasgow-based fan who has been active in fandom since Faircon 1978. Best known for chairing Albacon 94, 96 and 98, she has also been involved in numerous other events, including Eastercons and Worldcons. She was a member of the original Glasgow SF fan group The Friends of Kilgore Trout and helps organise the current Resurgence of Trout meetings. In 1995 she founded Electric Eggs UK, with the goal of making conventions accessible for everyone. She is a qualified Nurse Midwife (retired) and keen on bats, cats, chocolate, books, media SF and SF soundtracks (amongst others). An ongoing project is archiving the artwork of late Glasgow artist Ed Buckley, as part of which she is the current appointed Keeper of the Fez.